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Critical Equipment Protection

The colors of the leaves may change, but one season remains constant throughout the entire year: Power Season. From fast-rolling thunderstorms to swirling tornados to overtaxed power grids, seasonal power anomalies present a wide variety of uptime challenges. Now is the time to ensure your critical equipment is safeguarded with regular battery and UPS inspections. Since batteries are the heart of any UPS, and most wear out every three to five years, it is critical that you have them examined on a regular basis. Even more, routine preventive maintenance of Seasons change; the threat of downtime doesn’t.

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Don’t get caught with your power down this season. Protect your critical equipment with Eaton UPS solutions.

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Weatherproof UPS

Make sure your equipment is protected year round by Eaton. Your UPS significantly reduces the likelihood that it will succumb to downtime. Eaton® offers a comprehensive line of UPSs and service options that make it easy for you to achieve efficient uptime and high availability around the clock.