Power Balls

Powerware Series:
What is 3-5-9 Powerball Protection?

3-5-9 Powerball Protection

Which UPS is right for you?

To determine the level of protection you require from a UPS consider the following criteria:

  • How critical is the application you need to protect?
  • Do you need complete or partial protection?
  • What size UPS do you require? VA, watts, sizing calculations?
  • Battery run time required in minutes? In hours?
  • What software and network considerations do you have? Platforms, SNMP, remote monitoring etc.?

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Best Power FERRUPS

The Powerware series of Single-phase UPSs protect against the most common power problems. Series 3 and 5 keep your system from failing due to outages and surges, and the Powerware Series 9 offers comprehensive protection against all nine causes, minimalizing opportunities for component stress, burned circuit boards, data crashes and program failures. Series 9 UPSs are recommended for mission-critical applications like high-end servers, hospitals and voice over IP applications.