Uninterruptible Power Supply

How many hours can your business withstand a power outage? For hospitals, call centers, and any corporation with data backup, the answer is ZERO. That's where Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems come in. The UPS experts at Driscoll Automatic care as much about your business as you do, and they have the experience and expertise to protect your power supply around the clock. Whether you need UPS for a single computer workstation, a data room or a network that spans international borders, trust Driscoll to select the right system, the right people, and the right service plan to keep your UPS maintained and functioning no matter what.

Driscoll offers the Eaton© product line of UPS, featuring quality engineering and materials from the worldwide leader in power protection. For businesses with data storage and operations located on a single site, we recommend the Eaton 9170+ UPS (pictured), uniquely designed to meet the ever-changing needs of customers with applications such as data centers, networks and call centers. Built for a global audience, the 9170+ is a scalable, modular, flexible solution that combines the highest level of reliability with the lowest cost of ownership in the 3–18 kVA range. To learn more about the Eaton 9170+ UPS and all our UPS systems, Contact Driscoll Automatic today for quotes on products, site designs and service plans that fit your budget.

Integrated Power Management

Best Power OK

The Eaton 5PX provides advanced power conditioning and unparalleled battery backup for network closets and small data centers.

Efficiency: Provides industry leading efficiency of up to 99 percent.
Manageability: Energy metering: The 5PX meters energy consumption right down to the outlet segments. No other UPS in the industry offers this capability.
UPS management: By integrating Eaton’s free Intelligent Power® Software Suite, you can monitor and manage the power devices on your network.


APC UPS Oklahoma

Driscoll offers the Durex Industries temperature controllers, ranging from standard off-the-shelf models to custom temperature control configurations that incorporate time, temperature, motion, speed, pressure, and humidity for OEM applications. If you manufacture process equipment for packaging, foodservice, medical, image processing, hot melt equipment, or lab applications, let us assist you with the full temperature control solution you need.

Pilot Flame, Flared Gas and Smoke Monitors

LumaSense Technologies (Mikron Infarared E2T) Infrared presents the QUASAR family of three detection systems for continuous duty monitoring of pilot flame (PM), flared gases (FM) and smoke particulate (SM) from flare stacks. The sight-through optical system and choices of fields of view allow the QUASAR system to be positioned as far as one-quarter mile (400m) from the flare stack. Each of the three systems is complete with a removable camera module, dual outputs, explosion-proof housing, internal heater and cooling cavity and precision alignment vernier swivel mount.